Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chapter One: The First Day

Despite appearing rather nonchalant, Rachel Keatts was actually quite pleased with her purchase of the house at 344 Forest Drive.

It was a bit smaller than she'd like, but the neighborhood was pleasant and there was ample room to add on, which she was definitely planning to do.

That would come later, though. A more immediate concern was the lack of curtains. The family across the street had been standing on the porch to watch their new neighbor arrive and Rachel was going to need some more privacy if they were going to continue being that nosy.

She hadn't had a chance to get much furniture yet, but she tried to make herself comfortable in her new surroundings. She was just finishing the first chapter of Point Farmer: the Story of Grant Rodiek, when she realized that it was about time to head down to meet with her boss at her new job in law enforcement.

As she got into the cab that would drive her downtown, she noticed that the neighbors were still out on the porch; it was starting to get a little creepy.

Soon she was climbing the steps to the impressive Anne Arbor public services building. Together with the city hall, the building housed a wing for law enforcement, as well as offices for the military.

After checking in with her superior, Lieutenant La Choy, she was informed that they wouldn't be ready for her to start until tomorrow. While she was eager to get to work, she was glad to have some time to learn her way around her new neighborhood first.

Down the hill from city hall there was a large central park, so she decided to check it out.

She was amused to see several chess players playing alone instead of with each other. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, though, so she thought she'd give it a shot; she usually preferred her own company, anyway.

Being a newcomer to the chess tables, she attracted some attention from the regulars.

The growing crowd began to make things stressful, so she decided to head back home for lunch and some solitude.

Arriving home, she stopped to pick up a newspaper that had been delivered while she was out.

She flipped briefly through the pages, but other than a chess tournament at the local school, nothing really caught her attention. She would have thought more would be going on in a city this size.

Putting aside the paper to check the fridge, Rachel remembered that she hadn't had a chance to pick up any groceries and would have settle for a carton of juice.

She would need something more substantial for dinner, though, so when she was done she set out again to do some shopping.

After picking up a few things she wasn't quite ready to head back home and she decided to try stopping by the park again.

It was getting later in the afternoon and it seemed that most of the crowd had gone home, so Rachel was much more comfortable practicing her barely existant chess skills.

She got so wrapped up in the game, however, that she didn't notice as the stars came out and the city lights came on.

By the time she got home it was quite late and she decided to skip dinner and go straight to bed.

"Bed", in this instance, being a sleeping bag, since she had yet to buy a real one. Tomorrow she was starting work and would be able fix that in no time, but for now she drifted off to sleep just fine where she was.


So, this wasn't a terribly interesting beginning, but it serves well enough as an introduction. Next chapter will have a little more excitement, but it's hard to make one sim by herself interesting, and she's a loner so she's not really into socializing. Of course she's not going to be able to stay alone forever, but for now it's a bit of a slow start.

Founding Generation Rolls:

Marital Structure - Single Parent
Number of Children - 1
Primary Income - Law Enforcement (Forensics)
Generation Goal - Opportunist
Miscellaneous Fun - Multi-Cultural


  1. Awesome start! I didn't think it was slow at all. :) Rachel is super cute, and I love your family's name, Keatts.

    I also love all your photographs of Anne Arbor. It's such a pretty world, imo. I'm playing my legacy there too.

    Looking forward to chapter 2!

  2. Thanks! I guess it just seems a little slow because I've been reading all these other really awesome blogs with so much going on. Like yours, for example, with Brian breaking Ethan out of jail and Beatrix's relationship with both of them, it just makes Rachel's life seem very mundane!

  3. Great start! You don't need to open with a lot of drama, it's good to be able to just settle in and get to know the character first.

  4. Yay! I love being able to start at the beginning of a Legacy!

    I loved the beginning! I agree with the above, it's nice to be able to learn who the founder is before the drama starts. Looking at her roll, there WILL be some drama. =)

    LOVE the funny comments about the neighbors. I literally laughed out loud.

    Great start - looking forward to reading through the rest.

  5. See, that is why when I bought my house, I made sure there was no neighbors close by. Lol.

    I also didn't think it was boring at all and agree that you need a drama filled start. It just makes us more excited when we know it will be coming soon. -]